Food supplement, 20 sticks/1.6 g of Powder for oral solution, FAST absorbtion. Cola Taste.

Iron as Fe2+ MicroLipoDisperso®

Italian Pharmacode: 925215701

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COFER is a dietary supplement containing:

  • Iron as Fe2+ MicroLipoDisperso® (30 mg of Iron)
  • Folic Acid 400 mcg
  • Vitamin C 60 mg

The amount of Iron in the blood is strictly dependent on the balance between the dietary uptake and the daily loss (Recommended Dietary Allowances, RDA - 10mg in men and 18mg in women). Iron deficiency can interfere with vital functions and leads to weakness, fatigue, hair loss, impaired immune function and even anemia.

  • MicroLipoDisperso® Fe2+: this patented formulation favours iron absorption at the Gastro Intestinal level without interfering with gastric pH
  • Folic Acid: treats the inability of the gastro-intestinal tract to absorb nutrients properly. In pregnant women prevents neural tube defects of the newborn.
  • Vitamin C: Ascorbate increase iron uptake helping to solubilize the metal in the duodenum.

How to use

We recommend one stick a day. If desired Cofer can be diluted in water or other beverages.


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Without Lactose and Without Gluten. Patented formula, Registered trademark.


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