Supplement, Powder for oral solution - Fast formulation, 20 sticks                                                   Italian Pharmacode: 923544011.

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Levigon is a food supplement in a fast dissolving form containing Myo-inositol, Liposomal-Magnesium and Folic Acid. Levigon can help getting an adequate dietary amount in case of low intake or increased need of these elements.

  • Myo-inositol: natural compound known to possess insulin-mimetic properties and to improve insulin resistance. It is characterized by a very good safety profile and it is naturally present in a variety of foods particularly in beans, grains, nuts and fruits (oranges and melon).
  • Liposomal-Magnesium: Liposomal technology encapsulates magnesium into a lipid- based molecule and guarantees optimal absorption through the digestive system. Several recent studies showed that oral magnesium supplementation results in a significant improvement of fasting plasma glucose and insulin sensitivity.
  • Folic Acid: treats the inability of the GI to absorb nutrients properly. In pregnant women prevents neural tube defects of the newborn. Several studies showed that folic acid has an improving effect on insulin resistance and reduces the circulating level of some inflammatory mediators.

How to use
We recommend one or two sticks of oral soluble granules a day. If desired Levigon can be diluted in water.


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